At NBGS we formulate and manufacture functional beverages for everyday consumption. Our core research is based on spectrum disorders. NBGS’ current beverage line consists of the following:

Chill Shake/Shot – Promotes a feeling of tranquility, reduced stress, less anxiety and inspires a greater sense of self -confidence, lessening social inhibitions.

My Peace – Carefully formulated to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety, while enhancing mental clarity and performance.

Func+Zen – Contains all natural ingredients and is safe and effective. It reduces stress while increasing focus for a faster learning and improved mental performance.

We currently offer several different beverage types including K-Cups and Liquid Shots (2oz and 4oz).

Ready to license products include:

    • hangover
    • headache
    • focus
    • sleep aid
    • relaxation
    • appetite suppressant
    • protein
    • cannabis based products
    • heart healthy
    • sugar companion / diabetic aid
    • probiotic

Whether you are a local business or a national chain, a private-label k-cup program can certainly increase awareness of your business.  A private-label k-cup is a unique way to leverage your customer base and capture market share of the millions of Americans who drink coffee on a regular basis.  Our private-label program is fully customizable and our team can help you source roasted coffee from all over the world.  Lets build your brand today!

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Contact us today to learn more about how a private-label k-cup program can benefit your business.