ACESO silicone silver foam dressing is used for wounds where infection is already established or at high risk of infection or re-infection.  The silver within the porous foam structure acts on bacteria absorbed into the dressing with wound exudate, and affects multiple sites within bacterial cells, ultimately causing bacterial cell death.  The high absorbency PU foam is preferable for wounds with high level of exudates, to prevent the formation of pools of exudate where bacteria might flourish beneath the dressing, and the silicone wound contact layer is ideal for irregular wound bed, which ensures that the dressing can be changed without pain.  

5 Benefits Of ACESO

1. Protective Backing


Smooth and Comfortable

Water Proof & Bacteria Barrier

2. Super Absorbent Core 

Super Absorbent Fiber 

Exceptional Absorption Capability 

Helps Minimizing Maceration Risk

3. Nonwoven Layer

Spread Fluids to a Wide Surface 

Enhance Absorption Performance 

4. Silver Antibacterial Foam

Great Fluid Handling Capacity

Offers Additional Comfort and Cushioning Protection

7 day antimicrobial 

5. ScarSil Silicone Wound Contact Layer

Self-Developed Silicone Oil and Perforation Technology 

Distributes Wound Exudates Fast and Evenly 

Gentle and Secure with Pain Free Removal

Does not Strip the Epidermal Cells 

ACESO Silicone Ag Foam dressing With Border consists of a top layer (Vapor permeable waterproof polyurethane film); a center layer (A thin non woven and absorbent polyurethane antibacterial foam pad containing silver compounds adhered to the top film, and the top film remained border part); a wound contact layer (Perforated silicone gel adhered to the center layer and top Premarket Notification 510(k) Submission Section 5: 510 (k) Summary Project #: GY-001 5-3 film); a release liner (covered on the silicone gel). The dressing has white or light brown appearance and is available in the form of pad and in 4 pads in pouch package. All dressings use the same material of backing film, foam pad, silicone gel and release film. With Border version additionally adds a thin non woven as foam auxiliary layer, but it wouldn’t impact the product properties.