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In business since 1977, National Bio Green Sciences has helped thousands of product ideas come to life, spanning across a multitude of industries. 

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Our Process

Product Concept

If you have an existing product or formula, we can hit the ground running and get right to production. If you have a new idea that needs to be brought to life, we can utilize our in-house research and development team to identify and source key ingredients / components necessary to get your idea ready for the production line.

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Research & Development

Our team consists of experienced food scientists and chemists that can help create any type of formula. Packaging and products that do not require a formula will need to be sourced by our team to locate and secure the most cost effective components necessary to produce a quality product.


Our warehouse in central New Jersey houses multiple pieces of machinery that can produce a variety of products on-site. Most any type of product can be produced in-house: from liquids and creams, to fabrics and medical devices, NBGS USA has the assets ready to produce your product.

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Distribution and Sale

After your product is produced and ready to ship, we can handle all domestic and international logistics for delivery. We can also act as a drop-ship warehouse so you can send products directly to your customers as needed.

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