NBGS Personal Care Brands

From our environmentally friendly compounds invented in the 1970’s to the world’s first Vitamin based Organic Hand Cleanser in 2010, all of our products are formulated from natural and organic ingredients including our organic proprietary bioflavonoid: Formula 6-8.Formula 6-8 based products are made using a proprietary compounding process and contain no alcohol, quaternary ammonium or mass produced grain or corn ethanol in any of our products.

Products made with Formula 6-8


HANDSAN is the world’s first fully edible germ killer and yes its GMO free. HANDSAN is completely made of food grade vitamins and organic bioflavonoids. HANDSAN is sold on four continents and is a Gate Gourmet approved item for the airline industry.


 was originally designed in 2010, for the US NAVY to be used by the Marine Corps bomb (IED) disposal unit; it has evolved to become the skin protectant of choice for professional athletes, security personnel and consumers who want the safest products that can be applied to ones skin. BIODFENCE, our Professional Care Products line is now used by Athletes, Civilian Firemen, Police, and Sportsmen for protection against chemicals and environmental toxins that can affect the skin.


 designed for the active cold weather lifestyle, WINDSHEAR-ACTIVE is a multivitamin enhanced bioflavonoid created to moisturize your face and other body parts and act as a wind deflector. After consistent use it starts to develop a moisturizing shield that helps protect against the elements.


oral care products such as our Toothpaste and Mouthwash also contain our proprietary bioflavonoids.